• Call for nominations for VT chapter officers

    To: Virginia Tech Chapter, Sigma Xi

    From: Doug Pfeiffer, Chapter President

    It’s time to elect officers for your Sigma Xi chapter.  This is a great opportunity to support science within the university and in the larger community.  At this time, it will be very helpful to participate in our chapter’s efforts to bring science to the public, educating people in what we do.  Our chapter helps to support Science on Tap, a fun and popular avenue for people to share what they do with an interested public.   We also make annual research awards for graduate and undergraduate students.  There will be additional opportunities for the public forum that will arise, chances to bring our science to colleagues in other disciplines, as well as the public.

    We aim to hold election in May, with terms beginning on 1 July.  We need people to stand for President Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.  Please send nominations for these offices to me (; self-nominations are great, but also consider your co-workers!  Graduate students have been great officers as well (both treasurer and secretary)!

    General duties follow:

    President: oversees all operations, chairs executive board meetings and induction ceremony, fills out the annual chapter report

    President-elect: In first year, helps President in duties, and becomes President in second year

    Secretary: All communication for society—usually through the Sigma Xi Communities

    Treasurer: Quarterly bank account/spending report, fills out annual treasurer’s report

    Thanks for your consideration!