• Nominations for Mid-Atlantic Associate Director

    The Mid-Atlantic Region of Sigma Xi is soliciting nominations for the position of an Associate Director.  The duties of associate director are given below.  Nominations must be submitted to the Regional Director, Frank Dane ( by July 2, 2018 in order to meet deadlines for the Sigma Xi Election which will be conducted from October 29, 2018 to November 27, 2018  via electronic means. Only active (dues-paying) full members are eligible for office. Each candidate must submit a picture, a statement, biographical summary and a paragraph describing his/her activities with Sigma Xi and other organizations. A sample statement, biography, and description of activities can be found at


    Duties of Associate Directors in Sigma Xi

    Associate Directors were incorporated into the Society's governance structure in 1998 as part of Sigma Xi's new governance structure. There are 11 Associate Directors in Sigma Xi, one each from 5 of the 6 constituency groups and one each from all 6 geographic regions. (The Membership-at-Large constituency group has elected not to have an Associate Director.) Associate Directors are elected by their respective group or region at the Society's November annual meeting to serve three years from 1 July following their election.

    Duties: Associate Directors assist the Directors of their region or constituency group with responsibilities that are defined differently for each region or constituency group. When requested by the Director, the Associate Director may attend and vote at a meeting of the Board of Directors in place of the Director. Also, Associate Directors may be requested to conduct meetings of their region or constituency group at Sigma Xi's annual meeting each November in the absence of the Director.

    Time Commitment: Much of the work of Associate Directors is conducted electronically. However, if the Associate Director is asked by the Director to attend a meeting of the Board in the Director's absence that would require a commitment of Tuesday evening through Wednesday evening at Sigma Xi's annual meeting or one day  for the spring Board meeting, usually in April in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. If attending a meeting of the Board in place of the Director, the Society sub-vents expenses for the Associate Director to attend. If the Associate Director is asked to conduct meetings of the region or constituency group at the Society's annual meeting in place of the Director, the Associate Director's expenses for attending the annual meeting are paid by the Society. Finally, if the Associate Director wishes to attend the annual meeting when the Director also is attending, Sigma Xi will cover the travel expenses only for the Associate Director.