• Upcoming Election for the Southwest Regional Director Position

    The Southwest Region of Sigma Xi is currently soliciting nominations for the position of Regional Director.  The duties of director are given below.  We will accept either self nominations or external nominations.
    Nominations must be submitted to the Regional Director, Paul M. Stein ( or to the Associate Director, Alli Antar  ( by July 2, 2018 in order to meet deadlines for the Sigma Xi Election which will be conducted from October 29, 2018 to November 27, 2018 via electronic means.  Only active (dues-paying) full members are eligible for office.  Each candidate must submit a current picture, a statement, biographical summary and a paragraph describing his/her activities with Sigma Xi and other organizations.  A sample statement, biography, and description of activities can be found at:
    Duties of Directors in Sigma Xi

    Duties:  Directors are members of the Society’s Board of Directors that is principally responsible for managing the activities, property, and affairs of the Society in accordance with the policies established by the Assembly.  The Board of the Society simultaneously serves as the Board of the Corporation (Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society, Inc.), which is the legal entity, holding title to the society’s assets and responsible for managing the property, affairs, and financial business of the Society.  In carrying out these responsibilities, Directors are the primary liaisons between the Board and the chapters in their appropriate region or constituency group.  Directors also conduct meetings of their region or constituency group at the Society’s annual meeting each November, and are responsible for working with, giving advice to, and contributing to the health of the chapters in their region or constituency.  Also, throughout the year, Officers and Directors are expected to remain abreast of Society activities by reading the Executive Director’s monthly updates and other Society communications, and by replying to email ballots on business matters of a time-sensitive nature.

    As adopted by the Board of Directors on 3 November 2005: “The Board of Directors has fiduciary and other legal responsibilities to provide oversight to the policies and operations of Sigma Xi.”

    The Board of Directors as a whole has the following responsibilities:
    1. To set policy and establish goals for the Society, propose modifications to the Constitution and Bylaws as necessary.
    2. To hire the Executive Director and to evaluate his/her performance by reviewing the report of the Performance Review Committee and to determine his/her compensation.
    3. To review and approve the Society’s annual budget as recommended by the Committee on Finances.
    4. To generate resources for the Society.
    5. To review performance of the Board and each Standing Committee Chair and additionally the composition, skills, balance and diversity periodically (at least every 2 years).

    Individual Board members have the following responsibilities:
    1. To be familiar with the Society programs, history, mission, organizational structure, and Strategic Plan.
    2. To advocate the Society among peers and in the community.
    3. To provide financial resources at any level through regular contributions, including an annual gift, according to individual means, including augmentation by in-kind contributions.
    4. To identify potential sources of support and to participate in solicitations and other fundraising efforts as needed.
    5. To attend Board Meetings.
    6. To serve on Society committees as required and attend meetings of those committees.
    7. To attend Sigma Xi events.
    8. To contribute wisdom and talent to fashion and promote Society practices and programs.
    9. To represent the membership.
    10. To participate actively in the revitalization of chapters and the recruitment and retention of members within their appropriate region or constituency.

    Time Commitment:  The largest, single time commitment for Directors is the Society’s annual meeting in early November that normally runs from Tuesday evening through Sunday noon.  During this time, Directors participate in meetings of the Board of Directors of the Society and of the Corporation, conduct meetings of their region or constituency, and participate in the Assembly of Delegates and other activities of the meeting.  The Board also meets in spring each year in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (normally in April) for a meeting that runs all day at a date convenient to all.  Between Board meetings, much of the business of the Society is conducted electronically, including much of the communication between the Directors and the chapters in their region or constituency.  Sigma Xi sub-vents expenses for Directors to attend meetings of the Board, including expenses associated with the annual meeting.