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The Scientific Quest to Understand the Origin of Life By Nicholas Hud, Georga Inst. of Technology

The Scientific Quest to Understand the...scientific problems of all time. Chemists seeking...and scientifically plausible evolutionary

 10-15-2015 | 17:30 MT - 19:00 MT
 Albuquerque NM

SLU Sigma Xi Research Symposium

additional information. Sigma Xi Scientific...regarding the Sigma Xi Scientific Society, click...question, method, brief results No footnotes

 05-01-2017 | 15:30 CT - 18:00 CT

Chapters Test Community

Scientific Research society This is line 3 of the...Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research society...Scientific Research society This is line 5 of the...Scientific Research society This is line 7 of the

The Mathematics of Crime by Andrea Bertozzi

Scientific Research Society), the UNM Department...the areas of geometric methods for image

 03-10-2016 | 17:30 MT - 18:30 MT
 Albuquerque NM

Building the Bionic Man: The Role of Biomedical Engineering in Regenerative Medicine

Scientific Director of the Ligon Research developing methods for design methods and team-science

 11-17-2015 | 19:30 CT - 20:30 CT
 Rochester MN

Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Award Competition

Graduate students in a scientific field

Meet One of the Few Researchers Registered to Study Cannabis

with Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research...Weiblen, the scientific director of the Bell...produced more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific...participation in scientific research. He is fluent

 12-13-2016 | 15:30 ET - 16:15 ET

Natick Sigma Xi

activities promote the health of the scientific...enterprise and honor scientific achievement

The Geology and Geography of Floods

session with Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research...scientific articles, monographs, and general...magazine of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research...Scientific Research Society

 11-30-2016 | 15:30 ET - 16:15 ET

AAAS-Pacific Division Meeting

meeting that encompasses workshops, scientific