• New Member Nominations for 2018

    While we can nominate new members at any point in the year, I'd like to officially solicit an "official" membership drive for the spring, so we can recognize new members at our annual get-together in late April or the very beginning of May.

    So, do you have a colleague or student who deserves recognition by Sigma Xi?  Send me their name and information.

    A quick word about selection:  for my own students, I generally nominate people who have done research and presented it at a significant conference.  Usually, these are the students who are also heading towards graduate school.  However, you can chose students according to your own criteria, as long as they demonstrate an excellent potential for future research.

    Also, it's very easy to nominate someone.  I'm going to be taking your nominations and using the chapter nomination form, so I only need the nominee's name, address, and your member ID number.  I can take care of the rest.  Student new member dues are $60, so you will need to give me some indication of how that is going to be paid.

    I would like to submit the nominations by the end of March so we have certificates by our annual gathering, so please send information to me as soon as you have an idea of who should be new members.

    Happy March,